5G in India – All about it

5G in India – All about it – The world will witness an amazing technology this year, 5G Technology for mobile phones looks promising in becoming a front runner in the mobile world. Here all you need to know about 5G!

What is 5G Mobile Phone Technology?

5G can simply be defined as the next generation of mobile broadband. It will replace 4G LTE technology in the near future. In fact, 5G networks are 10 times faster when compared to the 4G LTE networks. It operates on three different spectrum brands, deliver better results than 4G and 3G.

What are the advantages of 5G?

In the future, 5G in India will help us to overcome most of the challenges that we face due to restrictions in technology. Let’s take a quick look at how the future of 5G can help us overcome those challenges.

5G LTE would be a solution to the last mile issue

The last mile issue is one of the biggest challenges that needs to be solved in today’s world. We are not in a position to figure out a solution to this issue with the existing technologies. That’s why we need to take a look at a sophisticated technology such as 5G LTE.

Before we understand how 5G LTE can provide a solution to the last mile issue, it’s important to understand what this is. The last mile issue is related to the non-availability of mobile networks in semi-urban or rural areas. People who are living in these areas of the world have to face a lot of challenges when connecting to the network and getting their work done.

The last mile issue is not just a problem in third world countries. It can even be seen in all the developed countries out there in the world, including United States. Even though implementing a high speed fiber based network connection may sound like a solution available to overcome this issue, it is not an economical solution. It would cost millions of dollars to overcome last mile issue with the help of fiber networks. Therefore, people came across the need to look for a more cost effective solution. That’s where they discovered the potential linked with 5G LTE.

The 5G LTE technology would give life to more powerful wireless hotspots. It also has the ability to integrate perfectly well with the LPWAN technologies, such as Sigfox and LoRa. As a result, there is a high possibility to make internet mainstream in the rural areas.

This can provide a large number of benefits to the farming sector, which is mainly distributed in the rural areas of the world. The tech companies out there in the world have come up with advanced agri tech tools, which are powered up with the latest available technologies. However, those companies have found it as a difficult task to introduce them to the farmers due to connectivity issues. As soon as 5G LTE hotspots are created, the tech companies will be able to introduce their agri tech products and services for the farmers. This can benefit the farmers at the end of the day and provide an excellent assistance to them with improving their crops. In addition to that, the farmers will be able to get the most out of their farming efforts, while reducing the overall expenses that they have to bear.

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5G LTE will give life to many new use cases

We discussed how 5G LTE will be able to improve the applications and initiatives that already exist out there in the world. However, 5G LTE will be in a position to give life to many other use cases as well. This would transform the way how people get their work done on a daily basis. Some of the applications that 5G LTE can give life to are almost unpredictable as of now.

For example, we will be able to see how online stores and fast food companies are using drones for delivery. In addition, we will be able to see how people managing fleet uses 5G in India for predictive maintenance and fleet monitoring. The creation of smart cities will be one of the most prominent use cases out of them. We will be able to stay connected to our homes at all times. On the other hand, we will be able to get our day to day work done in an efficient manner.

What are the drawbacks of 5G?

Likewise, there are some drawbacks associated with the 5G Mobile Phone technology as well. Relatively smaller coverage issues hold a prominent place out of them. More hardware power is needed to make 5G networks available for a bigger area in space. As a result, implementation of 5G can be really expensive.

Final Words

5G is the future of world communications. 5G LTE and its applications can make our lives more comfortable. For example, we can turn on the thermostat at home when we are on our way after work. This can help us to make sure that the home is perfectly cooled when we step in on a summer evening.

Likewise, the government bodies will also be able to use 5G LTE for improving the efficiency of their initiatives and for a variety of other investigation purposes.