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Cloud Storage Free

This is something I wrote way back in Summer of 2016. It’s funny to read now, what we thought of Free Cloud Storage back then as I rewind. A lot has changed and most of the things are absolutely false. We as Indians have Cloud storage usage as good as the west. Read on and enjoy something I never published earlier.

As of late another telephone called Next piece Robin is propelled without a lot of exhibition. The USP of this telephone is the 100 GB of Free Cloud Storage what the organization is advertising. All things considered, I am not going to discuss the telephone here, what I want to highlight is the blast of cloud and on the off chance that we as Indians are set up for it.

Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox are services which offers you Free Cloud Storage on cloud to store your stuff, with the goal that you can get to them from anyplace. This is OK for developed nations where you have speeds of web on both wireless and wired devices. Be that as it may, is India prepared to utilize cloud? Scarcely any inquiries strikes a chord when somebody offers me 40 GB of free cloud storage, so we should perceive what they offer and what I think about the contributions:

  1. Boundless Storage, WOW!: Thanks, however I need more transfer speed to transfer and download that enormous of information from cloud. I mean come ‘on, I have a 10 GB Broadband plan shared between 10 people. And on Mobile I have got a 1 GB 3G Plan. What am I expected to do with your boundless cloud space with such restrictions? Is it true that you are recommending me to transfer and download a 5 GB motion picture from cloud to watch it on my PC? Amusing that is!!
  2. Accessible anyplace, truly? : Let’s face it, in India, even 3G doesn’t work all over, how might I get to the information on 2G from anyplace? Do I trust that that video will download from your favourite site with a 2G speed?
  3. What’s Offline Mode: What in the event that I am disconnected and I need to get to the information? I must be needy of the web. Else the cloud is far away from my scope. A conventional broadened or high limit pen drive will give me what I need entirely. Notwithstanding when the mists are pouring down and I don’t have power or web.
  4. Who has the control: Ok, I accept you simply keep my information and you swear you don’t see it, still it’s in your control, and not mine. Consider the possibility that a boss programmer hacks my record and take all the Swiss financial balance subtleties. At any rate I can utilize my PC or outside hard plate as a pad to get a serene rest.
  5. Is it truly free: Ok you guarantee you are free up to X GB as Free Cloud Storage , shouldn’t something be said about the transfer speed I will use to transfer and download the information on your servers? You are not going to make it free, or you are?
  6. Would i be able to utilize it without an application? : Every time I need to see or utilize something from your cloud, I have to go to your application and download it to utilize it. Alright Microsoft OneDrive gives you access to the documents directly from windows on Windows 10, however shouldn’t something be said about others?

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All things considered, this is cool in some developed nations where you get too high web speed with boundless information at home, office or on streets at some extremely reasonable price. Also, that bodes well to use these services, however I feel India will set aside some more effort to really explore Free Cloud Storage until the internet speeds are as fast as the West!