Google AdSense is a widely used advertising platform across the oceans. although there are other ad networks but adsense has been in picture since a long time. Lot of budding bloggers are starting their blogs and they plan to monetize from adsense to start with. There are several concepts one must know before actully getting in adsense. So, let’s Decode Google Adsense.

Usually an ad network has 3 important players. Which are the advertisers, the publishers and the platform itself. If you are a blogger, you will be called as a publisher since you are publishing ads for the advertisers on your blog or website. Google adsense is a platform which facilitates this to the advertisers and publishers. Getting access to Adsense is not a cake walk, but neither it is a walk on fire if you do things right at first place. Once you are in, you will encounter several terms, which may sound alien and you might not understand the meaning of them.

Today I am going to explain some commonly used in the Google adSense world as we decode google adsense.

To start with let’s understand a common and simple word: Click. Click is a very common word we use in our day to day lives. When you click on any ad area, it’s counted as a click. A click is a very important parameter for both advertiser and publisher as the advertiser will know the source of traffic and publisher of course will know how his blog is popular. More the clicks, more the money a publisher makes and more the business the advertiser makes.

Conversion Rate: As it sounds rightly we will check what is the conversion rate of each click, means is the visitor is just clicking on the ad or is actually doing some action, like filling out information, signing for newsletter etc. Higher the conversion rate, higher is the return of investment.

Impression: Every time a particular ad from a particular advertiser is displayed on your site, an impression is counted.

CPM: Money spent on every 1000 impressions created is called CPM or Cost per thousand. In simpler terms, it is a cost, which an advertiser has to pays for an advertisement which is displayed 1000 times on a website.

CPI: It is just a unit to measure the cost of single unit , instead of Cost per thousand, it is the cost an advertiser pays each time an ad is displayed. Since 1 is a very small number, it can be anything bigger like 100 or 500 or 1000 etc.

CTR: It is the value which tells you how many times, your ad was clicked out of total number of times the ad was displayed. It stands for Click through Rate.

CPC: When an ad is clicked on a website, advertiser is charged something, which is called cost per click. This is the cost which is charged for each click on an advertisement.

PPC: An advertiser is only willing to pay when his/her Ad is clicked. They get into a PPC contract, which stands for Pay Per Click. The advertiser has to pay only when the ad is clicked and not when his ad is displayed on a particular website.

understanding these terms are extremely important before you get into adsense world as this will help you plan your income. I hope you find this article informative if you are planning to go for Google Ad sense. Do write us if you have suggestion or feedback.

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