Deepfakes – Classic Case of Tech Misuse

Deepfakes – Classic Case of Tech Misuse: It all started in December 2017 when a Reddit guy swapped faces of few female actresses with adult movie stars and it left the rest of the world in shock. This was the start of Deepfake. Those videos looked so real and even many people starting believing it until the creator of the videos came with an online explanation. 

Deepfake Meaning: Word “Deepfake” is actually a combination of two other terms, Deep Learning and Fake. 

How Was it Even Possible? How People Create Such Fake Content using deepfake technology? 

Deep learning is considered as a backbone of artificial intelligence where different software is taught to make decisions without external supervision. Deepfake also used this concept to create two software named as generator and discriminator.

If we go by deepfake meaning, The reason why videos created from App using Deepfake technology is so real because one software generates a fake video and other find flaws, fakeness and low-quality points in it. In result, the generator creates videos that are better than previous ones and discriminator then again tests the video and this process continues until a perfect and real looking fake video is created as per deepfake definition

How Most of The People Are Using it? 

Technology is a wonder but not when misused. After December 2017 use of DeepFake technology has gone really high and unfortunately, most of the people are using the app to spread their fake agenda.

The use of DeepFake is not limited to a few things only. A lot of people think that this technique is used to generator fake porn of celebrities only but this is not the truth. Even political parties are using DeepFake to spread fake NEWS, false agenda and hate. 

But let’s not talk about the use of this technique on a macro level because people are implementing this deep learning research to get their personal benefits, for example, to blackmail their opponents or even to harass. 

Is it Easy To Create Deepfakes? 

Simply, YES!

As per Deepfakes definition, It’s not you who creates a fake video, in fact, these are very intelligent software that creates fake videos for your false propaganda. 

We are living in a world where developers can have access to the same platform where they can represent their code and other developers can easily access it or can even make changes to it. A most popular platform for developers to represent their code is GitHub that is not owned by Microsoft. Unfortunately, the compile-able code of DeepFake is available on GitHub which means anyone from anywhere in the world can download this code to get their mission accomplished. 

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How Deep fake Have Affected People? 

 As we define deepfake, we must also understand that DeepFake has affected people who control our social lives, for example, DeepFakers have even created and posted fake videos of Mark Zuckerberg saying things like he owns Facebook users and steals their data. That videos were so real that even Facebook algorithms could not detect it. 

People who own data of more the billion users have been targeted by DeepFakers so what do you think, you are safe? 

It is believed that in the future, people will stop believing videos that are posted online because differentiating between fake and original videos will get harder. 

As per the statement of a US Senator, countries with nuclear weapons are less powerful than countries with outstanding control over DeepFake technology. A fake viral video of the head of the state can easily spread anxiety in nations or it can easily weaken their security structure. 

Just Google it and you will get a bunch of deepfake example or deep fake example on the internet.

Are There Any Benefits of Deep fake? 

After observations and studies, it can be clearly said that Deepfakes have disadvantages more than its advantages. 

Everything could be taken in an optimistic way to get positive results. There are a few psychological effects of this technique on us while some experimental benefits also exist. 

As mentioned above, in the future, people will stop believing online videos and as a result, it will aware of people against believing everything that they see online. People will start doing little research for videos they see online. 

Important Notice! 

Deepfake can even create videos from just a single picture. 

That means you can create videos from the pictures of Newton. DeepFake can be used to create educational videos for students of different subjects by creating videos of their respective experts using DeepFake technique. 

DeepFake is a revolution that still needs to be properly recognized by the entire world. It can impact very peaceful countries and can result in chaos. Law enforcement powers need to come up with a better solution to this problem so no tech-savvy people can blackmail other citizens with DeepFake videos.  We are humans and Techies have a social responsibility towards the society we live in. We must ensure no technology is misused to spoil the lives of innocent people.

See what Wikipedia says about Deep fake.

With the ease of availability of technology to everyone, deep fake are immensely dangerous if used in wrong fashion. This technology is has more of cons than pros and can create havoc in common peoples lives. Specially , celebrities are on higher radar and are soft target for cheap money and fame on internet.

Understood, only deepfakes with celebs involved carry some value as the quality is so high, please start believing it to be true and do not understand the consequence of this misguided technology.