Deepmind’s AlphaCode Program: In the quest to challenge human intelligence, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) subsidiary DeepMind has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) system named AlphaCode it “writes computer programs on a level that is competitive.”

This is the first time that an Artificial Intelligence software for creating code has reached a standard of programming contests.

“Deepmind’s AlphaCode Program has been able to achieve an estimated position among the top 54 percent of contestants in programming competitions by tackling new challenges that require a mix of critical thinking and logic, algorithms, programming and understanding of natural language,” the company said in a statement that was released late on Wednesday.

AlphaCode makes use of transformer-based language models that generate code in an unimaginable magnitude, then cleverly filters out a few sets of promising programs.

The ability to solve problems that are not obvious is a natural part of human beings, and is the result of critical thinking based on the experience.

The community of machine-learning has achieved huge advances in understanding and generating textual data, but advancements in solving problems are limited to relatively basic maths and programming issues either by retrieving or copying solutions from previous ones.

Deepmind’s AlphaCode Program performance was validated by the company by hosting competitions on Codeforces an online platform that hosts regular competitions which attract thousands of people from all over the globe who want to test their skills in coding.

“We have selected to evaluate 10 recent competitions, each more recent than o’ur training data. AlphaCode came in at around the same level as the median contestant,” said DeepMind.

DeepMind was bought from Google at the end of 2014. The company is headquartered in London and has research centers situated in Canada, France, and the US.

“Overall, AlphaCode placed at roughly the level of the average competitor. Although it’s far from winning contests this achievement is significant leap forward in AI solving capabilities. We believe that our achievements will encourage the programming community that is competitive,” the company noted.

Mike Mirzayanov, Founder of Codeforces and Codeforces, has said that the outcomes of AlphaCode overcame his expectations.