Drones are latest things which are moving the video shooting to the next level. With highly capable drones like DJIs available around, the possibilities of shooting some amazing footage is as easy as you get it.  Drone video are beautiful and can shoot some which is impossible otherwise. After all, who get a Chopper to shoot video every time. Be it nature, beaches, mountains drone video can make you shoot almost anything.

So where can you use a drone to shoot drone video? We have compiled a list where people can actually use drones and shoot awesome video:

  • Wild life photography – With extremely powerful and small drones available in market, capturing animal in the wild has become easy and safe for photographers. An important point here is the noise which older generation drones used to make were disturbing to the animals but now the latest drones makes lesser noise comparatively. Low flying drones can ensure the captures are with good resolution and capture proper expressions. Even shots where animals are running can be captured easily.
  • Aerial Survey – With the raising problems of law and order around the globe, drone video can ensure every area is monitored by enforcement agencies sitting remotely to ensure nothing suspicious is happening around. This is very useful both within the country and on the borders. Specially areas like mountains where deployment of forces is difficult, drone video are a super addition.
  • Natural disasters – Every time there is a natural disaster like flood or earthquake, find the casualties and find survivors is extremely difficult, with drone video, governments can quickly find these and deploy the relief efforts are correct place in no time which can result in saving lives of thousands of people. Several departments have already procured advanced drones for such efforts.
  • Movie shoots – This is my favorite, several movies now a days rely on drone video to get those perfect aerial shots which looks jaw dropping on the big screen. This is a cheaper option as compared to earlier techniques to shoot Aerial shots. Remember people used to take those huge cameras in a helicopter to shoot. This was hell expensive for the producers to afford.
  • Wedding shoots – What started with a show off from rich and famous, has become a norm in weddings now a days, both pre-wedding and on wedding shoots are done using drones now a days and those drone videos are amazing to watch. The good old video shoots of Indian weddings are a thing of past. Now its something up and beyond.

Having said that Drone video and amazing and easy to watch, in India we need to get permissions to shoot in certain areas. Also, Drones are not available in Indian market. So, you need to get it imported from overseas and that will cost a lot for new commers or budding shooters. People need to get accustomed to use the drone else it may cause damage to people and properties. Also repairing a damaged drone will make your pocket much lighter than you think of. What else you think drone can be used for? Do share in comments section below.