ePub reader for Windows

ePub reader for Windows : Humans are blessed by god in several ways one being reading to enhance their lives. Readying has never been out of fashion as people all over the globe understands the importance of reading over other activities like social media, movies, games etc.

With the ever growing need of reducing paper usage, traditional books are slowly getting taken over by e-books, be it on special devices like Kindle or Desktop or smartphones.

Book worms have started liking to read on devices instead of books due to ease to keep and carry and why wouldn’t it eliminates the bulk of significant publications and adds infinite choices that improve the experience of studying. Capability to read from any visual display is the ultimate vision for any book lover, however, no single epub reader can be called as best epub reader in windows operating systems. We have complied a list of few best epub readers for Windows 10 out of several available in the market:

  1. EpubReader : As a Point blank name, this is an EPUB reader with some better features than other. I believe this is worth every penny you spent on it ($2.49) when we look at the features. What I liked the most is that this software allows you to sync your local library of ebooks along with downloaded ebooks from internet. This reader is fully customizable in terms of fonts, sizes etc and is totally compatible with touch screen devices for Windows 10.

2. Bookviser: The best part of this app is the way it looks. It gives you feel as if you are really reading a real book. You can bookmark any page of the book you are reading and you can highlight certain text with your choice of color. Guttenberg based publications can be downloaded on this reader at free of cost. This book reader for Windows PC will be immensely liked by melenial.

3.Bibliovore : This eBook reader is a good option if you are using Windows 10 operating system specially on a touch device , and has some features to provide that its rivals do not.
One of those things it can do is to sync your novels across all your devices using OneDrive. This too allows you to change the font and font size so that even if you have glasses to read, you need and can adjust here accordingly.

4. Kobo : This is a superb app that won’t only let you open a wide variety of ePub file formats, but additionally, it will allow you to purchase books from the store.
Technically it reads all ePub formats but also ePub 3 formats, that is a great feature, particularly in the event that you find books you need to read in this format. You can navigate through hundreds of books, comics, and magazines. This app has all necessary features which are expected from a good epub readerlike bookmarks, hunt, theming, progress tracking and more. This app is specially good when you do not know which books to read.

5. Freda : This one is the best as it supports HTML. So, even if your book is in HTML format, this app can still show you the book apart from EPUB, FB2 formats. It can read the novel to you, and enables you to place bookmarks and annotations. Talking about the features, you can customize fonts, font colors, size and even background color on this app to get that perfect setting to read. Point to be noted that this app supports ads. Which can be annoying sometimes, although you can remove these apps by paying $2 amount.
Present book collection could be imported by using OneDrive, DropBox.

There are several other epub readers available in market, and we will try to give you more information on these software as well. Do share your thoughts in below comment section if you like this article or if you have any suggestion around it.