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Free tech support software compared:  Tech support is an inevitable part of any company which thinks of customers. Tech support software is extremely important to provide better services to customers to be them internal or external. This software can make your pocket very light if you select one with detailed analysis and considering your factors like a number of customers, quality of your product, support staff strength etc. On the other side, we have several free tech support software which can help you with some of the best features which even the biggies like Salesforce provide. Today we are going to provide you with a list of some of the best free tech support softwares which can help you build your support echo system efficiently.

  1. Zoho Desk – If you are a startup or a small firm providing support for your product or services, Zoho can be the best option for you. Zoho allows you 3-member free access and you can pay if you need anything above 3 users. This cloud-based software has all the basic helpdesk essentials like customization, branding, tracking, collaboration, Reporting, domain mapping and remote support access to 1 user. I am sure a startup won’t mind using it if they are getting it for free. The free plan provides support through email and web forms.
  2. SpiceWorks – Yet another killer of a help desk software from the USA. This platform is totally free for any number of users and they have both self-hosted and cloud-based services. Features are in par with any of the leading paid or free tech support software. Additionally, they also have a mobile app to work on tickets from anywhere and anytime. It can be easily integrated with your existing active directory to implement role-based hierarchy easily.
  3. OSTicket – This another open source which you can use for free as far as you need an email back ticketing system. They have a paid plan as well which is a cloud-based infrastructure providing you with different support formats like phone-based, email-based or remote support. Features are very much the same as we have from other free tech support software but the free version has very much limited options to have. Overall not as good as Zoho or Spiceworks.
  4. Hesk – Hesk is a Php based help desk system which you need to install on-premises. This a totally free version which can be used with multiple users. Although the free version has limited features, you can upgrade to SysAid which is their paid version with additional features and goodies. The free version is all about raising and resolving tickets. Tickets can be created and managed through emails. Yet another option to look for if you are looking for a free tech support software.
  5. C-Desk – This is free and made in India tech support software. This software needs to be installed on-premises and the features have impressive items like mail flow system, active directory integration, c -forms, knowledgebase, voucher management system etc. This is a must-try software if you are looking for a genuine free tech support software.

There are several other free tech support softwares in the market which provide some good features at no or very minimal cost since the list is long we will come back some other top of the line options so that you can make an aware decision to use the best software which fits your requirements. My personal favourites are Zoho and C-Desk which give the best features at no cost. Zoho is on the cloud so don’t even need self-hosting but it’s limited to 3 users for free. C desk is for unlimited users but you need to spend money to host the application on your own servers.

Are you using any other free tech support softwares? Do write to us about your experience in below comment section. Thanks!

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