Google maps is one app which we your at least once a day. For years we have been seeing the same UI within the google map and this is the time to refresh the UI.

Google is reportedly working on a new UI for its app but for now, only focusing on different modes of travel option at the very bottom of the app screen. As per the reports the new UI which is being tested by google will be much cleaner as compared to the current version of the application.

Google Map UI Refresh

This is signification as Google maps is a highly used app which rarely got a UI change over the years we have seen it. As per information shared on our beloved XDA developers website, the new UI reported will have a new route selection screen and will also have a starting and destination points in the top bar. More importantly it will have different modes of travel like a private vehicle, public transport, walk, cab, and bicycle will be placed on the bottom of app screen.

This is too early for us to confirm by when we will see this feature rolling out to general public as it has to be tested thoroughly before handing over the people as any mistakes with maps can cost a premium to google.

Present form of Google maps is good as compared to other options available as one Google Maps is free and second they keep updating their app frequently and they have other options like Street View as well. This will be a welcome change to the app as Google was always more focused towards quality and accuracy of google maps instead of adding new features to the mobile apps of Google maps. Once complete testing is done, we can see the change coming on our mobiles in near future.