How to schedule WhatsApp message?

How to Schedule WhatsApp Message?: Just like emails, WhatsApp too, allows user to schedule their messages and send on a specific time.

This is a new feature and user need to understand how to setup WhatsApp for the same.

The best about how to schedule WhatsApp Message should be followed as per below steps:

Step one: In the beginning, you have to open WhatsApp on the Android device of yours.

Step two: Next you have to tap More choices (three dots) > Settings.

Step three: From the provided choices tap Business options > Away message.

Step four: Now you have to switch on Send away message.

Step five: Here you have to tap the information to alter it > OK.

Step six: Under Schedule, you have to select among:

Constantly send/Custom schedule/Outside business hours

Step seven: After selecting an alternative below Recipients, tap and select between.

Everyone/Everyone not in address book/Everyone except/Only send to

Step eight: After selecting a certain option, you have to tap Save.

Note: All these scheduled deliveries will only work if your smartphone as an active data network. When the phone goes out of network, WhatsApp will keep trying until it finds the network. If you are really serious about such scheduled messages, you need to ensure that your smat phone is having an active network.

Unlike emails, Whatsapp gives you better reach to people especially who are using WhatsApp for business for communicating with customers and do not want anything to delay inflow of this communication. Scheduling will help them in getting things sorted in terms of timely communication with customers.

The efficiency and usability of will depend on what you are trying to achieve with this feature like you want to wish a birthday to someone at 12.00 and you are sleepy, you can let WhatsApp do the favour and sleep.