How to share location on WhatsApp?

How to share live location on WhatsApp?: WhatsApp has supported immediate location sharing for quite some time now and so the famous messaging app has additionally got the capability to share present (live) location. The feature works perfectly and is not a threat to your privacy in any way. Continue reading to find out exactly how you are able to stream your location constantly to your family or friends.

Follow the below steps to easily share your live location with your WhatsApp contacts:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app
  2. Go to the chat window of person you want to share your live location.
  3. From the window select the + option
  4. Select the “Location” option.
  5. On the next screen, select the “Share Live Location”
    Thereafter you have to select the duration you wish to share the location of yours with your friends and family.
    You can also share any location from this option in case you want to share any other location with your pals.

The best way to quit sharing living location in WhatsApp?
Please note that WhatsApp shall automatically quit location sharing after your preferred duration expires. Nevertheless, in case you would like to conclude it previously, you have to open up the talk window as well as media on’ Stop sharing’ and also confirm’ Stop”. This can prevent current location streaming immediately.