How to update LinkedIn public URL

How to update LinkedIn public URL: LinkedIn, no wonder is the best social network when it comes to professional networking. No social network ever came ever closer to LinkedIn where professionals could have networked.

On Linkedin, you have either a personal profile or a corporate profile. When I say corporate profile, You must be having a page of your company. If you happen to be an admin of one of such pages, you may run into a situation where you would like to change the name of your company on Linkedin and it’s URL as well due to some expected or unexpected reasons.

Usually, for any company the LinkedIn URL is like :

Here if you want to change the name of the company, below are some quick steps to be followed so that you can make it happen:

  • Go to Linkedin.Com
  • On the left vertical column of the home page, you will see a tile with your company page
  • Click on the company Page name
  • On the company page, click on Admin Tools Menu
  • Click on Edit public URL Page
  • A pop-up with updating public URL will be displayed
  • Update the name
  • Click on Save changes

This will allow you to update the public url of you company page on Linkedin. Importantly you can keep the company name and name in the url different as far as it does not violate Linkedin Policies. If the url is already existing, you will get a message that the url already exist and you should provide a unique name.

In case you want to change the public URL of your personal Profile, follow the below steps:

  • On the Top Header, click no Me option of the Menu
  • Click on View profile Link
  • On Right top of View Profile Page, click on Edit public profile and URL Link
  • A Page will be open in a new tab.
  • On the right top of the page, click on the pencil icon of Edit your public URL Link.
  • Update as desired and and Hit Save Button.

Note: As per LinkedIn: “Your custom URL must contain 3-100 letters or numbers. Please do not use spaces, symbols, or special characters.”

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