Instagram Boomerang Refreshed

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Instagram Boomerang Refreshed

Instagram Boomerang Refreshed: Unarguably the most popular photo-sharing platform on the planet, Instagram has upgraded its Boomerang app with new features.

In a nutshell, The latest features added to Instagram Boomerang are named as slow-mo, Echo, and Duo. With a decline in users of Boomerang, Instagram was expected to add new features to keep up the competition from other players out there.

Boomerang has provided the update to both iOS and Android platform. The users can update the app right now from Play Store or App store accordingly.
According to Instagram, the newly added options are targeted to make the app more attractive as several people found it annoying over time with nothing changing the app.

User can now create videos with the Boomerang stories. The trick here is that the app uses several photos at once and play them with minimal delay both forward and backward. This creates an effect as if the user is flipping the pages of a book. According to Instagram new filters will allow the users to capture everyday moments and turn them in a piece of creativity.
Users can access these options from Boomerang composer available under Stories camera of Instagram. The slow motion effect will simply play the videos with 0.5X times of regular videos. The newly added Echo feature will create a double vision effect. While the Duo option will speed the videos up and slow down giving a spike effect. Boomerang allows the users to trim their videos in the latest version of the app. The latest ramifications by Instagram come as an over-the-air update.

Hopefully these features will make boomerang more relevant to today’s generation as it faces stiff competition with other apps which allows you to share your life in form of small stories with your friends and family.

We hope you will like the latest features of Boomerang. Do comment below your thoughts and let us know.