Instagram Stories Vertical feed

You favorite photo sharing app Instagram is planning to release a update in the way they show stories on the app. As of now, you need to scroll horizontal on the top of the app to see the stories posted by the people you follow. Now Instagram is planning to update it to make the user scroll horizontal which according to me is a welcome change.

Why the Change?

Researches and surveys says it loud and clear that people find it easier to scroll horizontal instead of vertical. Interestingly this is similar to what the infamous Chinese app was offering for long. This feature is just a prototype for now but may be rolled out as a full fledge feature in near future. As per an Instagram representative “This is an early prototype and is not currently testing on Instagram,”. Instagram Stories Vertical feed will definitely attract the user to be more comfortable with the app.

This will make the overall UI of Instagram app more inclusive as the stores and Reels will be look more of less similar from UI perspective.

This interesting Instagram vertical feed UI was first seen by a personal named Alessandro Paluzzi who shared this UI change on his Twitter account. According to some reports, this feature is not live yet and he found the change in the Instagram codes.

This will be interesting to know how Instagram is taking the competition from YouTube Shorts. Reports says that YouTube shorts are getting more than 3.5 Billion Views everyday. Taking about Instagram, the stories gets more views and engagements if compared to Reels although Reels stay there forever and stores vanishes in 24 hours.

We will update you once we get a confirmation when this feature will be rolled out to public on iOS and Android features.