With Facebook adding new terms and conditions to it’s globally accepted instant messaging app WhatsApp, people are looking out for something which does not ask them to “accept” some weird terms and conditions. Telegram was always there to as a strong contender but with a simple tweet by Mr. Musk did a red carpet to another baby call Signal. Although both are common in terms of icon colors i.e. Blue, but there are quite a bit of differences which make them really different. And after poking my nose in both of them, I feel telegram is much much better in terms of features and performances. Lets see what makes Telegram a better child than Signal:

First the common things:

Telegram: IMs, Stickers, Video Calls, Groups, iOS, Android, private, secure.

Signal: IMs, Stickers, Video Calls, Groups, iOS, Android, private, secure.

So what’s different?

Well firstly, Signal is an open source platform where people can contribute to the betterment of the product. Where as Telegram is kind of open source but the server code is copyright and not available to the public.

Some how I found Signal little sluggish in terms of performance. Unlike WhatsApp or Telegram , when you open Signal app, you are greeted with empty messages say who has newly joined Signal from your contact list. Of course you need to delete those message manually unless you really want chat with them.

Telegram allows you to create a group with 200,000 people, Signal does the same but with only 1000 people. Signal lets you send a file of upto 100 MB over to someone where as Telegram, well can send a whopping 2 GB sized files.

I have read it over and over that Signal has better security as compared to Telegram and I do not doubt those highly qualified researchers.

Telegram is here since ages and has evolved over the time. Signal on other hand is a newly born baby who nobody knew about till Alon Musk put her name on the cloud.

It will be interesting to see how Signal goes forward with WhatsApp and Telegram around with their robust and solid foundation and experience.