JBL Reflect Eternal – Solar Powered Headphones

JBL Reflect Eternal – Here comes something which does not give you nightmare when you run out of power. JBL recently launched a beautiful pair of headphones which promises you to be always charged , unless the sun decides not to come out someday. JBL’s new pair of headphones are named JBL Reflect Eternal which has a stripe of solar panel on the band of the headphone which changes the inbuilt battery of this blue tooth enabled headphone when you go out in the sun.

JBL claims a couple of hours outside is sufficient to maintain the Reflect Eternal acting indefinitely. Following the latest trend prebooking the products, Harman JBL too has decided to get orders even before the product Reflect Eternal is out in the market. They have partnered the supply chain with Indiegogo to sell and deliver this product. However, this way it understands the exact requirement for a new product and doesn’t have to generate more than it requires for the initial launch. Not sure of its success, JBL claims to have already overpassed the goal of 500 units and they still have a hopping 29 days left to complete. These headphones named Reflect Eternal look pretty same as any other headphones from JBL, the distinguishing point is the top surface of the band which is made up of a material called Powerfoyle, which is manufactured by Swedish nanotechnology firm Exeger.

As per Exeger, Powerfoyle internally uses a proprietary nanomaterial that produces electricity from light. This explains the process as “artificial photosynthesis.” The solar panel substance could have various finishes and textures, and it is flexible. This makes the product band more flexible as you wear it on your head every day. Even the Powerfoyle solar panel technologies do not appear to be a traditional solar panel. Feature-wise these headphones support google assistant and Alexa and are powered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0. JBL claims to keep the regular price as 165$, but pre-orders and running for 99$.

These JBL powered headphones have enough battery capacity to play music for around 20-30 hours playback in a single charge, additionally, you can fast-charge them with a normal fast charger. The company ensures that one and a half hours of charging will boost the playback time to about 68 hours. And interestingly 2 hours is enough for the headphone to run for a whopping 168 hours.

JBL always claims that the battery will be charged if you are inside your home or work location, obviously, it will be slow, but still will ensure you have enough juice to listen to your favorite tracks. With all this good news, the bad news is you will not get these headphones in your hand till October of 2020. Till then let god bless with power everywhere.