LiFi Technology – Fast and Furious

Lifi technology speed -

Technology has evolved dramatically. Internet improved our lifestyle, communication ways and business by a storm and WIFI made it easy for us to connect with fastest Internets and share data. Read on to understand what can be done using Lifi Technology Speed.


What if I tell you that WIFI is soon going to be declared as an old school? There is a faster technology that was introduced by Harald Hass in 2011.

What is LIFI?

Unlike WIFI, LIFI uses visible light, ultraviolet rays and infrared rays to carry and transfer data. Yes, you read it right, to transfer data and that too with higher bandwidth and faster speed. Before we dig deeper, you should know the basic difference between LIFI and WIFI.

What is Basic Difference between LIFI and WIFI?

The difference is pretty simple. LIFI and WIFI are different technologies that rely on different carriers. WIFI carries data on radio waves and has longer range while on the other hand LIFI carries data on light waves.

LiFi is coming , just like 5G. Click here to know more about 5G

LIFI is Much More Faster than Other Technologies like WIFI

 WIFI is considered as the fasted mean of transferring data but LIFI is something that is overtaking it completely. Maximum data transfer speed that has been achieved from LIFI technology is 224 GB/S. This speed was achieved in the presence of a direct light source (LED Bulbs). What do you think will happen if a light is reflected from a wall? Would LIFI technology still be able to transmit data?

Yes, it will not only be able to transmit data but also achieve a speed of 70MB/s (from light reflected from a wall).  

How LIFI Technology Works?

You might have seen LED bulbs installed in your house? These are actually light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Actually, these LED bulbs don’t emit light continuously, in fact, they are flickering at very high speed (too fast to be noticed by a human eye). In case, of LIFI technology; LEDs should emit light continuously without flickering. Visible light’s spectrum is 10000 larger than whole radio frequency spectrum and that is the reason why we get faster speed using LIFI technology.

Why LIFI is Better Than WIFI?

There are many reasons why LIFI is better than WIFI.

  • LIFI has shorter range because light cannot pass through walls. It makes LIFI more secure because no hacker will be able to connect with LIFI routers from outside. If one wants to hack into your data from outside, he will have to get out light particles connected with your light source. While on the other hand, WIFI uses radio waves to carry data, radio waves can easily penetrate through walls so are always open for hackers to try their luck.
  • As LIFI is fully light-dependent so it will never interact with other mediums like electromagnetic waves and that is the reason why LIFI is a secure technology that could be used in Air Planes, Nuclear reactors, Army Bases and on places that are sensitive for external radio waves.
  • LIFI is fast and secure.

Everything comes with its pros and cons and same is the case with LIFI. Spite of many benefits, LIFI is expensive. Instalment of LIFI is much more expensive than WIFI systems. As LIFI is a new technology, its installation expense is higher than typical WIFI routing systems.