At this day when 2020 is half past, I am curious to explore what new technology in 2020 are going to dominate the rest of 2020. Having said that, technology is something which keeps upgrading every passing day. Now that terms like AI, ML, NLP, BlockChain are already been discussed several times, there are few more technologies which have a huge potential to merit the list of most looked after technology in this year. Let’s see what are those technologies which may just surpass the biggies.

IIOT – Everyone who has some basics of technology and we know how the internet of things is disrupting the connected world. Taking it to the next level we have Industrial IOT which will allow the manufacturers to set up smart manufacturing units. This will be a place where every device is connected to each other in an intelligent way to manufacture something.

Quantum Computing – Everyone who got pass through a school mostly will know what quantum theory is. But in case you are not aware of, Quantum theory elaborates the nature and behaviour of energy and matter at an atomic level. Phew! Isn’t it easy? OK, but what it has to do with Computing?  Quantum computing will power the computer with immense power based on this principle at the atomic level. Heavy research is ongoing and we can see something tangible in coming time to prove that this is the new technology in 2020 which will be a game-changer.

 AR and VR – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has something more than playing games wearing some ugly looking devices on your eyes. AR and VR has very high potential to play major roles in the way customers interact with different applications like shopping sites, huge hotels, casinos to give a life like experience to the customer while they are sitting in their cosy homes.

 Affordable e-Vehicles – Tesla is an amazing piece of technology but the weight it reduces from our pockets is something do debate upon. We have seen several electronic vehicles coming out of the closet but how many of them are actually affordable for people to genuinely think about this option? Few or maybe none. Several startups are researching on this technology to make e vehicles super affordable to everyone and cut the pollution hovering over our heads. We may see few companies coming up with models which may not have the luxury of Tesla but definitely will be good enough to do what they are intended to.

Robots – We as humans have already started shrinking jobs for over selves by automating things which humans were doing efficiently till now, and entrepreneurs are coming up with robots which can do almost everything which humans can (Well, almost all).  We have robots who can make our houses, who can serve food for us, who can drive cars and whatnot. In the coming time, it will be interesting to see what we humans are going to develop which will do what the humans were doing. It will be in betterment of mankind to limit this development else; a big lot of future generation will become clueless of what to do for a living and what should we do for a living. Robotics is surely the new technology in 2020 everyone should look up to.

Although not in the list, its worth to understand how Li-fi can disrupt the way we use internet.

These are just a few of the thoughts which are going to take space in the coming months of the year. It will be really interesting to see if these potential candidates can surpass the already trending buzzwords like AI, ML, Crypto-Currencies or Blockchains. Do let us know if you think of other technologies which should be included in the list in below comment box. I want to end this with an awesome article on what Bill Gates thinks of new technology in 2020 published on Click Here to read it.