Tinder Video Chat – Now watch your Tinder

Tinder Video Chat – Now watch your Tinder Tinder Video Chat – Now watch your Tinder: The much popular dating app Tinder will quickly be introducing an innovative one-to-one live video feature to the subscribers of its. “Social distancing has needed pivots and adaptations and

nintendo accounts hacked

Nintendo accounts hacked

Nintendo accounts hacked Nintendo accounts hacked: The latest hacking efforts have affected around 160,000 accounts which use a Nintendo Network ID to login to the Nintendo Account of theirs. Nintendo Japan has confirmed this and has given a statement about the exact same. The hackers

valuequal - decode google adsense

Decode google Adsense

Google AdSense is a widely used advertising platform across the oceans. although there are other ad networks but adsense has been in picture since a long time. Lot of budding bloggers are starting their blogs and they plan to monetize from adsense to start with. There

ValueQual - Renaming Instagram and Whatsapp

Rename Instagram and Whatsapp | Future Technology

Facebook has decided to rename two of its biggest applications from it’s stable to make sure that the brand resonates it’s facebook connection. So how is it actually to rename instagram and whatsapp? I think that this will be more to do with app’s name displayed on screen. After all who is

New Technology 2019

New Technology in 2020

At this day when 2020 is half past, I am curious to explore what new technology in 2020 are going to dominate the rest of 2020. Having said that, technology is something which keeps upgrading every passing day. Now that terms like AI, ML, NLP,