Universal high Speed internet

South Korea universal internet : A relatively smaller country from Asia with some big corporation has again done it. Yes, south Korea us offering super high speed internet to it’s citizens across its borders.

According to Korea’s Ministry of Science “High-speed internet has been designated as a universal service that everyone is entitled to receive no matter where they are,” .

Speed of South korea high speed internet:

With this move, south Korea has become eight country in the world which will provide super high speed internet to all of its residents. With a lightening fast 100 Mbps, Korea is the only country offering such speed to everyone living their boundaries.

Countries like the USA, Malta, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden & Croatia have introduced similar universal service but the speed has been limited to 10 Mbps in most of the areas.

South Korea’s biggest fixed-line operator, KT Corp, has been offer the contract to facilitate the infrastructure to support this facility across the country.

Having said that, their are certain areas like the mountain regions of South Korea and several old buildings running in millions, which are exempted to this service due to infrastructure limitations.

No wonder this is coming from a tech savvy country like south Korea which is an innovation hub headed by companies like LG and Samsung. We can imagine how keen people are when it comes to use of internet with general public.