TikTok Ban – Will India do it?

TikTok Ban – Will India do it?: As we wonder how can the rating of an app come down from 4.5 to 2 on play store in such a short period of time. This has happened for real. People in India have decided that enough is enough as we go along with TikTok after COVID-19 right from China.

Millions of people have started rating the app with one star so that it goes down from Play store and does not operate in India anymore. But what is the deal which is making all of us do this?

We have compiled few point which we feel may be reason behind this national motive:

  • COVID-19 – This virus has made our life stuck in our homes, and since both COVID-19 and TikTok comes from China, this is imperative to hate an application coming from a country which they say is the origin of COVID-19.
  • No value addition – The quality of content on TikTok is so poor that people have started questioning the value it adds to anyone’s life. Youtube has some meaningful videos where people can learn a lot get value out of it, but with TikTok, forget it.
  • Spread Hate – Several videos on Tiktok claims to be spreading hate in the name of diseases, religions and whatnot. People believe such videos can disturb the harmony among people and should be taken down immediately.
  • Black List History – Tiktok was already blacklisted by Madras high court in November 2019 due to deaths and crime happening just because of this app.
  • Nation First – With spats happening with PLA on the border, people think it is not in favour of our country to use an app coming from a country where their Army is creating trouble for us.

Apart from these major reasons, there can be more reasons which make people feel that TikTok is not an app made for India. What are your thoughts on this?