Unlock iPhone with mask on

The most daunting task with an iPhone since the pandemic hit the globe was to unlock it with face ID even when you are wearing a mask. Poor iPhone users like me had to remove the mask to unlock the phone or make a payment even if you were standing in a crowd.

Better late than never, Finally Apple has covered this in its latest iOS software update i.e. 14.5, but its not as easy as it seems. There is an additional ask if you want to unlock your iPhone with Face ID and with a safety mark on.

What’s the catch?

You need to have an Apple Watch. Yes, if you have an apple watch paired with your iPhone, based on the proximity of the phone and watch and if the Face ID detects a mask on your face and and and, you apple watch is password protected and is unlocked your iPhone will be easily get unlocked, isn’t it?

When all of these combinations are satisfied, the user will receive a haptic feedback notification on the Apple Watch they are wearing and the iPhone with Face ID will be unlocked.

The important thing to note here is that although you will be able to unlock the phone, but you still need to enter the password when you are doing a financial transaction on App store or iTunes like payments or purchases.

Having said this, I personally don’t find this what I was looking for as not everyone has an apple watch and you get an additional step to perform on your watch to unlock your iPhone. But Apple being apple, can do this! May be going forward they will find a better way like developing an invisible mask which their FaceID will by pass and unlock their phones.