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WhatsApp Web: Please don’t argue if I say WhatsApp is the Globe’s most popular application everyday used by billion people across the oceans. 

Such is the power of this application that people have literally stopped using their SMS or text to connect with people unless you get those band reminders and spams in your inbox. 

I like Facebook-owned whatsappweb because of 2 things, first the full range of platform and devices it support and second is the ease of use such that even a 7 YO or a 70 YO can use it without any help.

Plus, the application provides so many features as if this is the one hell of an all-rounder, you can send messages, pictures, videos, files to anyone and you can make voice and video calls even if you are on low bandwidth, All this free of cost for you.

And who can forget the groups you can create and get added for those collaborative discussions in real-time. Although this is not purely a software which can be used by corporations for business purposes the way slack and MS teams works.

Having said that, WhatsApp is available for desktop as well and you can use it through whatsapp for web scanner, and this is for those who do not know such a thing like scanning whatsapp exists. This software is free and can you download this desktop software from https://www.whatsapp.com/download/ the official whatsapp site or the web for whatsapp (http web whatsapp com)

So how do you install this software on a computer?

Step 1: Download exe from whatapp.com/download.

Step 2: Double click on the downloaded file.

Step 3: Install the file.

Step 4: From the start menu look for WhatsApp icon.

Step 5: Click on the icon to start the application.

Note: Important to know that Whatsapp is supported only if you have Windows 8 (or later) or Mac OSX 10.9 (or later).

You can directly run this software from a browser if you don’t want to install it. It would be best if you headed to web.whatsapp.com to use WA WEB. All this happens with help of whatsapp scan website

Now, how do you connect your phone with WhatsApp desktop

WhatsApp desktop app does not do anything on its own, and you need to connect your phone with an app to use the whatsapp web properly. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Open your favorite browser and directly hit whatsapp.com

Step 2: Click on the WhatsApp Web option on whatsapp official website (web.whatsapp.com)

Step 3: Option to scan the QR Code will be displayed. ( web whatsapp qr code)

Step 4: On your smartphone, open WhatsApp. (Click the icon whatsapp png)

Step 5: Click on More options (three dots).

Step 6:Select WhatsApp Web option.

Step 7:Scan the QR Code displayed on your desktop ( whatsapp qr code web)

And, you are connected with the WhatsApp desktop app.

If you ever want to get disconnected from whatsapp web, you need to manually do it as the session remains connected as far as the mobile has active data.

To Logout from Whatsapp online, follow below steps:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your mobile.

Step 2: Touch on the Settings Icon in the application.

Step 3: Tap on the WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

Step 4: The screen will present you with all the active sessions.

Step 5: Scroll and tap on Log out from all devices.

Step 6: Confirm by tapping on Log Out.

You should be logged out from all the active sessions now.

I hope you like this tutorial and found it useful. Share your thoughts in the below comments section. The Whatsapp for web will make your life easy and you can use it through your desktop as well using whatsapp for web scanner. what s web is indeed a great platform to collaborate coming out of small mobile screens.