Women Empowerment with Blogging

Women Empowerment : Not a single iota of doubt anyone carry when we talk about entrepreneurship by women. History has always echoed that they are the best in business and no less than their male counterparts. A woman has some inseparable activities which she willing do to ensure life around her is not disturbed and to do that, several women plans either a job which gives then enough work life balance or she venture into something called a part time business. Women can start blogging blogs to get that perfect zone and feel empowered.Women empowerment blogs are not necessary writing about empowering women, I feel they are blogs written to feel empowered.

In this age of internet and mobiles, I presume all of you are aware what blogging is and if you are not, a one liner answer is “Blogging is penning down what you feel about something, or you are expert of”.   You share it on internet and let the world read it and get help from it. Before I go into technicality, it is important to understand what you can blog about and how you can make money out of it. After all, we are talking about blogging as a business all you beautiful ladies. When an empowered women writes something to help other women, we call it as an empowered women empower women OR a women empowering women.

There are numerous topics which you can pick to blog, but remember, you should blog only on topic you like, you are passionate about or you are expert of. Few of the high-level topics for you to consider are:

  • Business Blogs
  • Finance
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Women issue

There is no difference what a man or a woman can blog as such, but topics like beauty and fashion for women are more relatable with women and they can write about them better than anyone else. Again, the topic is upto you, but women empowerment blogs are something which should empower you to make it a business. If you really feel you can write about empowering a women, this is for you.

You need to ensure that the article you write is at least 1000 words long and covers in-depth information about the subject you have picked. This means your article should help the people in solving their problems like how to cook a particular dish, or how to put off makeup easily. You should also include few pictures to make an impact on the reader.

From writing perspective, the article should be free from any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes. You also need to ensure your writing is not duplicate and you can use free online tools which can help you in doing this task for you. You just need to ensure blogging make you feel like you are empowering a women.

Blogging can help you make money. I have personally known people who have made fortunes from women empowerment blogs. All this by managing their time between work and home. I have known some women bloggers who work for 4 hours a day and earn a decent amount of money as a business. To earn money from blogging the first thing is to get more and more readers to your blog. The more people visit your blog, more are the chances of earning handsome money. There are couple of ways you can make money from you blog:

What about Money?                                                                                                                                    

  • Advertisement networks
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Direct advertisements
  • Sponsored posts

All of them have their own pros and cons, but advertisement network like Google AdSense are your best bet. As soon as someone on your blog clicks and ad, you get some money credited to your account. So, more people clicking on an ad will result in more money in your pocket. Others are difficult to make you earn but I suggest you to take them once you have a decent reader base. Amazon and Flipkart provide a simple interface to get registered as an affiliate and have some decent commissions as well. You can also use a combination of AdSense and affiliates. Ensure the placement of ads on your blog is something useful to user. Don’t over do it such that your visitors consider you as money-oriented blog. That in a true sense will be a female empowerment when she becomes financially independent and carves out her own identity.

Direct advertisements and sponsored posts can give you large income but you need to prove your reach to the advertisers. You should have few million visitors a month to get a good amount for any sponsored or direct post. After all, any advertiser will think of his profit as his advertisement will reach more and more people.

Now let’s talk some technical stuff:

Every blog you write and post on internet is basically a webpage on a website with the content you have written. Now in order to post you content or article and images, you need a website. Here you have 2 options; one is free and one requires money.

Blogging websites like WordPress and Blogpost are some of the sites providing free place to blog. But the address or the url of you blog will have their name in the blog as well, Example:




Here myblog will be the name of your blog.

Although this is good to start with and free for you to try out your blogging skills but certainly not good in long term as this will have limited capabilities and will not be a good idea from branding perspective. If you have some investment possibility , you should buy a good domain name and webspace to start you blogging business. This will give you a website with name as www.myblog.com and will allow you have a personal and professional website. Godaddy is a good provider and you can get some good deals to buy domain and wordpress hosting to start your blog.

Get Found

Internet has got several million websites and millions of blogs as well. But there are few are women empowerment blogs and are very  high chances the area of interest you have is already present and someone is already blogging on it. So how to get found on internet? You need to work on you on page and off page SEO. Search Engine optimisation is a set of actions which will allow google to show you website when some search for related topic. Yoast SEO is a nice plugin which can be used with wordpress to get ranked on google so that more and more people visit you and you can move ahead with your blogging business. Everyone has a Facebook and Twitter accounts now a days. You should share the articles you are writing on FB, twitter, Reddit, Quora etc. This will allow you to reach more and more people and your friends can share it with their group of friends as well.

 Although this is enough for you to start with your blogging , if you need any information feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you with any problem you are facing.

This is one of the way any women can start her business and manage her personal and professional balance. We will be coming up with more and more ideas for you ladies so that you can consider other business blogs avenues as well. Do share your feedback with us in comments section below. Over all your blog should highlight how you can do something for women empower.

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